What structure does the machining center consist of?

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CNC machining center is mainly composed of four parts: NUMERICAL control device, servo system, machine tool body, knife library. It combines the functions of CNC milling machine, CNC boring machine and CNC drilling machine with powerful functions.

1, the base parts: the base parts refer to the bed casting. Consists of a bed, a stand and a workbench; CNC machining center is the basic components, most of the cast iron is more, because the machining center operation, to bear static load and cutting dynamic load. Therefore, its bed casting stiffness requirements are higher, but also an important part of CNC machining center.

2, spindle parts: it is composed of spindle motor, spindle box, spindle and spindle support and other parts;

What structure does the machining center consist of?

3, control system: CNC machining center CNC system is composed of CNC device, programmable controller, servo drive device and motor and other parts;

4, servo system: the role of the servo system is to convert the signal from the NUMERICAL control device into the movement of the machine tool moving parts, its performance is one of the main factors to determine the machining accuracy of the machine tool, surface quality and production efficiency;

5, automatic tool changing device: it is composed of tool library, manipulator and driving mechanism and other components;

6, automatic tray replacement system: some CNC machining center to further shorten the non-cutting time, with two automatic exchange workpiece tray, one installed on the workbench for processing, the other is located outside the workbench for workpiece loading and unloading, which can reduce the auxiliary time, improve processing efficiency;

7, auxiliary system: including lubrication device, cooling device, chip removal device, protective device, hydraulic and random detection system and other parts. It plays a decisive role in ensuring the working efficiency, accuracy and reliability of machining center.